Keep your bedsheets wrinkle-free

    Have you ever experienced the crispness of wrinkle-free cool cotton bedsheets against your skin in a hotel? We bet it instantly makes you feel like a Hollywood diva! What if we told you, we could help you achieve the same feeling at home? No, we are not kidding! Try out the tips below to create a delectable 5-star bed that you could just plop into without the stress of planning for (or paying for) a vacation!

    1. Wash Your Sheets on a Regular Basis

    While washing a bedsheet on a regular basis is a Herculean task, it really is worth the effort. Your bed sheet is actually made up of thousands and thousands of tiny fibers. With regular washing, these fibers become more and more relaxed which makes the sheets less prone to wrinkling.

    2. Hang Your Sheets While They are Still Damp

    Once you have washed your sheets and squeezed out the excess water, hang your sheets on a clothes line, and experience gravity do its work. Be sure to hang your sheet so that half is on either side of the line. The water weight on either side will pull the wrinkles straight.

    3. Starch Your Bedsheets

    Starching not only makes the bedsheets wrinkle-free it also adds crispness to the sheets. These days many starching powders are available in the market. Prepare a starch solution as per the directions on the packaging of the starch powder box. After washing your sheet, immerse it in the starch solution. Remove it from the solution and wring it out cleanly. Let it dry. Wait until the linen is barely damp. Stretch the linen across an ironing board while it is damp, then iron it as normal. Allow the linen to dry naturally.

    4. Iron Your Bedsheets

    While ironing is a no-brainer when it comes to removing wrinkles, ironing something that is ten times the size of your ironing board can be tricky. We suggest the good-old fold and roll method. Fold your bedsheet in half and iron the bedsheets in small sections. We recommend that you do the ironing while the bedsheet is still slightly damp. However, if it is dry, just sprinkle water over it.

    5. Use a Garment Steamer

    A garment steamer is like a magic-wand that oozes steam. The warm, damp air is very effective at removing crinkles from clothes, drapes and upholstery. But most importantly, it absolutely rocks at removing wrinkles from sheets.You can fold and hang your sheet on a clothes line. Run the garment steamer over the sheets and watch the wrinkles magically remove before your very eyes. It honestly is that easy. Once you try it yourself there is no going back.

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